2018 Year in Review

  1. Colorado governor: Polis is first openly gay man elected governor
  2. Colorado State House: Clean Sweep As Democrats Take Full Control
  3. Colorado’s first transgender legislator: How Brianna Titone flipped a Republican district
  4. Gov. John Hickenlooper Signs Amendment Abolishing Slavery In Colorado
  5. Joe Neguse Made History Amidst Colorado’s Blue Wave. Here’s What He Plans To Do In Office
  6. Lebsock Expelled From Colorado House Following Marathon Harassment Debate
  7. Colorado teachers begin two days of protest, chanting “Stand up and fight!”
  8. Colorado oil and gas activists are ready to go back to battle in 2020 if lawmakers don’t act
  9. Colorado cracks a billion in annual marijuana sales in record time, generating $200M in tax revenue
  10. Responsible Coloradans Cheer As Amendment 74 Goes Down In Defeat